Mike Hoath is a filmmaker. And a very good one at that! He was the winner of the inaugural Woodland Film Festival with his film Crosshairs, a 10 minute drama about a coupla young blokes that go sheep rustlin’ and get busted — resulting in a nasty little showdown indeed.

I managed to catch up with Mike in a Burmese P.O.W. Camp last summer holidays, and managed to draw this information out of him before we hooked up the electrodes…


What is your name, rank and serial number?

Mike Hoath, Rear Admiral, Dunno, I escaped through the sewers and never got one.


How did you find out about the Woodland Film Festival?

I can’t remember to tell you the truth, all I know is it was the last day of submissions and you guys were very nice to let me submit with seconds to spare.


 What made you interested in films and filmmaking?

I always liked films as a kid but I got into filmmaking as a teenager after watching a behind the scenes featurette on an Easy Rider DVD. It opened my eyes to what filmmaking really is or can be — a bunch of passionate people working together to create something awesome. Up until then I thought it was some guy with a megaphone screaming at people on a sound stage like back in the day in Hollywood.


Who or what do you think are your most prominent influences?

I don’t know. People watch your films and say “so and so is obviously a big influence on you” And you think, really?? I hate that guy’s films! So yeah,  I just like stuff and don’t like other stuff and if something influences my choices then hopefully I’m stealing from someone good!


 Do you consider yourself more a technical filmmaker or is it all about story?

I guess I’d say the story option because I often write my own films and don’t know dick about a lot of the technical aspects of filmmaking. Like SFX? What does that even stand for??


 In less than 15 words, please describe your thoughts, in detail, about, erm…..sandwiches!

I hate it when I go to subway and my sandwich artist is the Jackson Pollock type.


…and Al Pacino!



…and, those guitars that are like ‘double’ guitars!

Not as good as keyboard guitars.


What is your favourite quote from the immortal cult movie “The Room” ?

Too many. The flower shop scene is a master class in Filmmaking though… “hai doggie!”


What are your filmmaking plans for the future? Is there anything in the works?

A couple of things I’m waiting to hear back about are coming up soon but apart from that just I’m trying to get some writing done. Filmmaking projects seem to work like a continuous cycle and right now I’m definitely at the start of the next loop if that makes any sense at all.


Mike Hoath, you’re free to go.

Thanks. Hey – what are those electrical looking things?



End Transmission.