Well, after a long slog of watching a whole bunch of movies, and having to deal with internet problems, here is the moment all you filmmakers have been waiting for….below are the details for what will be playing this year at Woodland Film Festival 2013. We got a lot of entries this year, so sadly we cannot play all the films that were entered, but we’re extremely happy with the quality and diversity of our lineup.

So without any further delay, here are our finalists this year.


SHORTLIST (to play on the Gala Evening Spectacular, Saturday August 3rd)

The Things My Father Never Taught Me   Dir: Burleigh Smith

Crossroads      Dir: Maziar Lahooti

A Peine      Dir: Christine Marrou

In the Mood for Love Again    Dir: David Morris

Drone and Dusted      Dir: Jack Hurley

Smoking Kills      Dir: Charlotte Earl

Spectre     Dir: Ben Wotton

Ninja       Dir: Megan Jones

Flying High      Dir: Matthew Koh

The Great Black Truffle Hunt     Dir: The Brothers Blenkins

A Tale of Tumbarumba    Dir: Tiffany Hulm

The Good Queen of Anti-Depression     Dir: Harriet & Prue Whiteley

Common Sense     Dir: Sebastian Chan


THE NIGHT OF THE INFORMAL SHORTS (Screening Friday 2nd of August)

The Trouble I Got     Dir: Callen Diederichs

The Telegram Man     Dir: James Khehtie

Sex Ed     Dir: Rob Viney

Dance Diaries: Narrandera      Dir: Linda Luke

My Escape      Dir: Marko Matsevic

Galateah      Dir: Lizette Salmon

Otto       Dir: Peter Cox

Buzz     Dir: Micael Ortiz

Walking     Dir: Bernard Sullivan

How to Eat a Giraffe      Dir: Phil Henderson

Kirk v Picard       Dir: John Riddell



The Larrikin Lad 
A documentary about legendary folklore collector, cultural historian, author, broadcaster, record and concert producer, visual artist, songwriter and a performer of Australian traditional and related historical music, Warren Fahey.   All ages viewing.  (53 mins)


Double Nickels on the Dime

A 34 minute Canadian Gangster film shot in one take by Canadian underground film maker Callen Diederichs. Note: Strong Language, violence, suggested sex scenes…(34 mins)