We could have filled this list 2 times over and still had enough quality material to play at this years festival. We really had a tough time finalising this list, it breaks our heart a little to turn some amazing talent away for this time, but we’re also pleased to bring you our lineup!

Congrats to all Official Selections this year — your Laurels are on their way (we will also need you to send us your HD screeners, please). John will be emailing you this week for all that, but for now — congratulations to our shortlisted filmmakers –

Here they are:

Uber X-Citing Day (Aus) Dir: Michael Jones & Jackson Tozer

Just Talking to Her (S. Korea) Dir: Euiyoung Lim

The Plover (Aus) Dir: Sheraden Robins & KlutchKable

Homesong (Aus) Dir: Natalie Cunningham

Our Stop (USA) Dir: Juan Pozzo

Society of Birdwatchers (Canada) Dir: Morgan Ermter

The romantic fantasy of an insomniac (Aus) Dir: Elaine Obran

Vulnerable (Aus) Dir Tiff Hulm

Patio (Aus) Dir Charlotte Houston

Murder by Railway (Aus) Dir: Jan Smith

My Great Grandfather (Aus) Dir: Chris Gately

Burning Bridges (USA) Dir: Joe Zohar

The Presence (Ireland) Dir: Declan Loftus

Splenda (Aus) Dir: Josie Baynes

Off Course (UK) Dir: Milda Baginskaite

Content Censored (Aus) Dir: Henry Thong

Out of Time (Aus) Dir: Mark Newell

Guy’s Trade (Aus) Dir: Lachlan Huddy

Allure (Aus) Dir: Matthew Koh

Sleeping Wonder (Italy) Dir: Alberto Rizzi

The Sounds of Street Vendors (USA) Dir: Mike Brims

Silence (Russia) Dir: Elena Brodach

Davai (Canada) Dir: Bruno Pucella & Ragnar Keil

A Splendid Affair (France) Dir: Laurent Ardoint

Standers (Aus) Dir: Anthony Dillon

The Good Son (UK) Dir: Tomisin Adepeju

Riptide Rhapsody (USA) Dir: Kenton Brett & David Jarred

Life’s a Drag (Aus) Dir: Robin Queree

The Walk (Russia) Dir: Marika Khabazi

The Appointment (USA) Dir: Pia Thrasher

One Last Quickie for the Road (France) Dir: Lise Vaysierres

Je te Veux (Japan) Dir: Kenji Hirano

At Last (USA) Dir: Anna Skrypka

Engaged (Aus) Dir: Bryce Padovan

Heaven (Aus) Dir: Maziar Lahooti

Pup Culture (Aus) Dir: Elle Marsh

The Old Man and the Pears (USA) Dir: Jing Sun

Closure (aus) Dir: Neal Von Dinklage

Carol prieur: Dancer (Canada) Dir: Isabelle Hebert

3 Star comfort (Aus) Dir: Jonathon Gittus

Max (USA) Dir: Rajesh Naroth