Now in it’s 4th year, Woodland is a grass-roots celebration of film, creativity and community and a unique outlet for filmmakers of all calibers to strut their stuff. Set in the picturesque mountain town of Tumbarumba, Woodland is setting out to show the world that us local yokels can stage an event that even the big wigs from the city would be proud of.

Now that the spiel is out of the way, we can say that we love doing this festival — we get to see great films from around the world, meet interesting people from all over, eat Laura’s great food, drink good wine and beer and have a dang good time in the process. Hey — you should probably come and experience it for yourself!


Team Bios

Laura Fraumeni

Woodland was born out of all the things Laura loves…hosting a soirée, winter, mountains, forest, food, films, fancy dress. So she rang up some equally gullible friends, and here we are. She also makes really yummy cakes and charms the socks of all the Tumbarumba locals.

Lauren Tibballs

Lauren likes to think of herself as a jack of all trades, master of none. She’s tried her hand at a few different vocations; student, video producer, cat woman, and is currently giving motherhood a whirl, claiming that it’s ‘pretty darn fun’. She has no idea what the future holds, a position she kinda digs.

John Riddell

One day in 2003 John woke up with a hangover and an honours degree in Film Studies. He has since worked in museums, libraries and cinemas, has made short films in both Australia and Canada and has developed a “thing” for weird musical instruments and old computers.

Annemarie Bolduc (Graphic Design)

The new “frenchy” graphic designer and artist from Montreal, Canada, joins the team in 2016 after moving recently to this lovely mountain region (and got married to John). She brought her many talents and previous festival experience such as the world renowned Montreal Jazz Festival. Her interests include strumming on guitars, banjos and mandolins, along with growing things in her garden.


Here’s a video our buddies Anthea and Lyndon made for us…

Woodland Film Festival 2016 from Anthea and Lyndon on Vimeo.